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Dream Destination Vanuatu

Your personal introduction to the most beautiful islands in the South Pacific.

The Vanuatu Archipelago – Paradise on Earth

Vanuatu means “our land forever” in the local language of the islands. Located in the beautiful waters of the South Pacific, northeast of Queensland Australia, there are few destinations that offer as much beauty, scenic vistas, and cultural diversity as Vanuatu.  With over 80 islands, the island chain has been claimed “the happiest country on the planet” by the Happy Planet Index. Like us, we know that you’ll be awestruck by this lush, tropical and accessible playground rich with sandy beaches, beautiful and lush rainforests, rumbling volcanoes, and quaint, peaceful and friendly villages.

The capital city of Port-Vila on Efate Island is the focal point and major city in the Vanuatu Islands chain. Here, visitors find some of the most welcoming and luxurious tourist facilities in the world.  Vanuatu is indeed a hidden gem nestled in the South Pacific, one of the few island chains in the region that has not been overrun by tourists.

The people call themselves “Ni-Vanuatu”, a deeply rooted people that honor and respect their culture while at the same time embracing the future. The natives love nothing better than to show visitors a piece of their paradise.

Vanuatu has been named “the happiest country in the world” by the Happy Planet Index.

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The island nation of Vanuatu consists of over 80 islands known as an archipelago, or chain or cluster of islands in the South Pacific. Because Vanuatu doesn’t occupy merely one landmass but a collection of islands, the opportunities for growth, the ultimate indication destinations, and business opportunities are endless.

Vanuatu Facts…

  • The full name of the island chain is the Republic of Vanuatu
  • Total area of the islands is just under 5000 mi.²
  • More than 100 dialect languages or spoken in Vanuatu, but three official languages are common: French, English, and Bislama, a pidgin English
  • The religious breakdown is 84% Christian and 16% for others
  • Believe it or not, bargaining or tipping are not common practices

During World War II, Efate and Espiritu Santo islands were used as allied military bases.

During the colonial period, the island group was named the New Hebrides.  It’s located west of the Fiji Islands, and south of the Solomon Islands.


Vanuatu is only a short  2.5 hours flight from Brisbane, Australia and Auckland, New Zealand.

The islands were first discovered in the early 16 hundredths, and Europeans first settled the island chain in the late 1700s. Famous British explorer James Cook arrived on the islands during his second South Pacific voyage and christened the island group the New Hebrides.

The island chain extends approximately 1300 km.  While 14 of the Vanuatu Islands are over 100 km² in size, most are smaller. The largest islands in the chain include: